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Token Sport DEX

A decentralized platform will be created that will allow the interchange of TSP tokens for fractions of bitcoin, so that you can interact with buyers and vendors of TSP tokens

Tokens Sport will have a decentralized exchange platform (DEX) and updated through community consensus. The cryptoassets that will make up the DEX will initially be TSP, ETH and BTC, in the course of which new cryptoassets will be added, depending on the growth, expansion and consensuses of the DAO.
Any user who wants to exchange their tokens for other crypto assets can do so using their Token Sport user account connected to the DEX
On each transaction carried out on the DEX, there will be a commission (between 0.5% and 1%) that will be distributed among different actors in the ecosystem. - Dream Team: 60% - TSP Foundation: 20% - Vault: 20% (Once the DAO is established, the values will depend on the consensus of the community)