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Following details some of the technology standards that will be used for the development of Token Sport. Different standards will be used that serve different functions within the Token Sport ecosystem.
ERC-721 (NFT) ERC-721 are Non Fungible Tokens configured to give roles, exclusive access and different benefits to their holders. They are also used for user level upgrades and rewards.
ERC-20 (TSP) ERC-20 are Fungible Tokens that are used to enhance the value of the ecosystem. They are also used for administration and access to exclusive content, as well as for participation and decision making of Token Sport S.A.S. and its products. These tokens play an important role in the DEX, allowing their exchange for Ethereum or Bitcoin.
SBT (Fan ID, Licenses) SoulBound Tokens (SBT) are Non-Fungible Non-Transferable tokens that are used for storing and updating user data. Each Fan ID is a unique, non-transferable SBT. SBTs are also used for API licenses and exclusive contracts.

TSP token has an intrinsic value that is formed from both tangible and intangible elements.

  • As tangible value, some options are: acquiring advertising space, API licenses, or exchanging for products in club stores, etc.
  • As intangible value, the participation in the consensus for the expansion of Token Sport stands out.
Max Supply: 799.090.000
1st stage supply: 9.090.000
Blockchain: Ethereum / Polygon ERC-20
Decimals: 18
Mineable: No


In order to form a solid team with a sense of belonging, those who have made contributions at the beginning of Token Sport, receive the necessary amount of TSP tokens and exclusive role in the DAO. And the possibility of being part of the Dream Team, thus obtaining a percentage of participation in the distribution of tokens received by the DT.


API Licenses Those who want to obtain user roles with access to exclusive content will be able to do so through their NFT License. The holders of each NFT receive TSP tokens and user roles with which they can participate in the Match Pools to obtain access to different Data and Statistics.
Ads Licenses Each match offers the possibility to bid for advertising space during the event. Those who want to participate and obtain spaces can do so by using TSP tokens.


Once the first stage of Token Sport development is completed, the Token Sport DEX will be created and TSP token liquidity will be provided in DeFi. Token Sport's DEX will see Token Sport tokens being released in batches depending on user growth, demand for licenses and advertising space, expansions and growth of the platform. TSP tokens can be exchanged for ETH or BTC.
The consensus for Token Sport's progress and decision making will be established through a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The number of tokens held will be indispensable to have voting power in future decision making.
On the DEX the exchange value of TSP tokens with ETH and BTC will depend on the usability and supply/demand generated by the expansions.