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TSP Foundation

Sport is a fundamental piece for the construction of new societies, taking into account the number of opportunities it offers to thousands of people around the world.

For this reason, the TSP Foundation seeks to create new opportunities in the sports world for kids from vulnerable areas (mainly Latin America) and with the support of different organizations, sports clubs and foundations, accompany them throughout the growth stage, not only in the sports, but also in their educational, psychological and social training.
TSP Foundation participates in the distribution of TSP tokens from the exchange that users carry out in the DEX and the different "Matches Pots".
The TSP tokens will be used to capitalize the TSP Foundation. The TSP Foundation will use the DEX by incorporating TSP into the ecosystem and thus obtain liquidity for its operation. The decision-making of the Token Sport Foundation will be made through the DAO, showing the documentation on data surveys, contributions, work carried out, alliances and the current situation of the allocated funds.
Using Blockchain technology and creating unique identities with managed permissions for each entity that receives funds and with the support of users, we have the possibility of generating great changes, in a transparent, traceable and open way to the entire community.
The TSP Foundation will be founded by the DAO once the rules and all the details of its operation are defined and consensus is achieved.