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Types of users

There are several types of users and roles within Token Sport that allow access to different content and benefits

Token Sport brings together a community of fans who share their emotions live, creating an opportune stage for those who want to be sponsors of the meeting, make their brands known and interact with users.
For this reason there is the role "Sponsors" who can buy advertising space in each match using their TSP tokens. These tokens are stored in the match pot.
Those who want to access live data of user interactions and experience the minute-by-minute of fan emotions can purchase data packs using TSP tokens. These tokens are also stored in each match pot.
Each club has a unique user, where you can interact with fans, propose trivia and mini-games, create content and display your Official Merchandising online store. And most importantly, receive unique information on the feeling of their fans with the squad at every moment of every game.
It is the common user who uses the application to share their emotions at each match. Upon completing their profile, each fan receives their Fan ID, a card with all the information about their interactions, tickets to the matches they attended, achievements and awards obtained, etc.
The information that each user must complete to receive their TSP wallet and unlock their Fan ID is detailed below:
- Username - Nationality - Date of birth - Favorite club - 2 clubs that you like the most - Favorite current player - Favorite historical player
Each fan can advance their user level, unlocking new emotions to share and gaining different benefits.
You can also participate in betting on the most applauded or the most booed player in the match, trivia about the history of football and many other activities to continue earning tokens and increase your user level.