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Sport generates a mind-boggling economy worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Much of this money comes from the passion and emotions that fans around the world feel for their favorite clubs and athletes. The advancement of Blockchain technology and the tokenization of interactions, allow to reward users (fans) interacting in community in the new Web 3.0 and build a new distribution of the value that sport brings to society.

Token Sport is a tool that brings together the community of fans and through a gamification system, allows tokenizing interactions in real time. This creates great opportunities for advertising space for brands and managed access to exclusive data in real time, interesting for journalism, influencers, sports clubs, etc.

How we will do?

ADVERTISING SPACES Each game is an opportunity for those who want to obtain advertising space within the app, sponsor the most applauded play, the most booed player and hundreds of other opportunities to highlight your brand, product or service and interact with the user. Advertising spaces for each game will be announced in advance and can be purchased using TSP. Only users with a Sponsor role will be able to participate in the bidding for the available spaces.
MEDIA Token Sport is an important tool for any media that handles sports data and requires statistics on fan interaction. In addition to obtaining Real Time information, Token Sport generates unique statistics before, during and after the game, which is a great opportunity for content producers, who will receive a great amount of real information about the passion of the fans. To access these statistics in real time it is necessary to have the corresponding license, the specific user role and the necessary amount of TSP to incorporate the "Match Tickets".
SPORTS CLUBS The boards of directors or owners of sports clubs can have access to different Token Sport services. Receive player and fan statistics, run marketing campaigns in the app, support the work of the Token Sport Foundation, sell merchandising in the app, sell tickets to the stadium, create sports trivia with the club's history and many other opportunities to interact with the community. Sports Clubs also get a specific user role with which they will be able to purchase TSP tokens and interact with their followers and fans around the world.